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Facilities Management

Going from strength to strength - in the toughest of times

One of the UK’s most dynamic and fast-growing Facilities Management services providers, Norse has the financial strength so vital in times of economic pressure.

With a strong balance sheet, industry-leading business retention and staff turnover, and 96% customer satisfaction, Norse delivers first-class services that our many customers value and trust.

Careful financial management, coupled with a selective low-risk approach to business development and growth, ensures long-term stability for our 8,000-plus staff and our UK-wide customer base.

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NDR keeps Norse grounds teams busy

With the Norwich Northern Distributor Road (NNDR) due for completion around the end of March 2018, Norse teams are busy with a number of grounds projects along the 19.8km route.

The £1.5 million contract covers the planting and aftercare of trees, shrubs and new boundary hedging. In the first season Norse planted approximately 66% of the hedging and just under 10% of the main site.

In addition to ongoing maintenance, planting around the 24 attenuation lagoons, large pools created to create sustainable drainage systems for surface water run-off, has begun, as Simon Mutton, Head of Policy and Strategy at Norse subsidiary GYB Services, and the person responsible for co-ordinating the project explains:

“As stages of the road surface are completed the attenuation lagoons now need to be brought into service. Part of the environmental plan for these water areas involves planting reeds. Norse teams have begun planting what will be over 23,000 Common Reed plants (Phragmites australis).”

“Wetland, watercourses and groundwater can be vulnerable to polluted road run-off containing road salt and other contaminants,” Simon Mutton explains. “Sustainable drainage systems use the lagoons and reed beds as a way to filter and improve water quality before it enters streams or is allowed to soak away.”

Small trees that were planted over the summer have now had a layer of wood bark mulch placed around their bases to reduce weed growth, and the wider areas between the saplings has been strimmed and sprayed.

Reed planting and strimming along the NDR

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