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DCN Annual Conference looks at government’s new ‘Resources and Waste Strategy
April 2019

One of the key presentations at the 2019 Annual Conference of the District Councils Network addressed the ‘Impact of the new Resources and Waste Strategy’.

The presentation was given by Peter Maddox, Director of the Waste Resources Action Programme.

Peter’s presentation was followed by an open discussion, where he was joined by Norse Group Director Geoff Tucker, Lee Marshall, Chief Executive Officer of the Local Authority Recycling Advisory Committee and Cllr Marianne Overton, Vice Chairman of the Local Government Association.

“It was a topic that attracted a lot of interest and some lively post-presentation discussion,” Geoff Tucker commented. “As a business heavily involved in waste collection and recycling around the country, Norse Group has a very personal interest in the impact of the new strategy. 

“We already collect recycling and food waste from a wide range of trade clients and actively encourage them to present these separately from residual waste for collection. We are also major catering suppliers for schools and already treat the commitment to reducing food surplus and waste at a strategic level; both important elements in the new Government strategy.”

Some of the areas of interest amongst the audience included the Government’s new proposals on green waste, food waste and recycling, which would bring dramatic changes to waste collection and processing in the UK.

The DCN panel’s views will be taken into account by the Government panel working on these proposals. 



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